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Motichoor Laddoo Recipe

By on July 22, 2016
Motichoor Laddoo Recipe

Motichoor Laddoo Recipe

How to make Motichoor Laddoo Delicious, yummy laddoo can be served for any occasion a must try.
This is a Sanjeev Kapoor exclusive recipe.

Motichoor Laddoo Recipe


  1. Gram Flour – 2 1/2 cups
  2. Sugar – 1 1/3 cups
  3. Milk – 1/4 cup
  4. Orange colour as required
  5. Ghee to deep fry
  6. Green cardamom seeds – 1 tablespoon
  7. Almonds blanched and slivered – 10
  8. Pistachios blanched and slivered – 10


  • Cook sugar with three cups of water to make syrup of one thread consistency.
  • Add milk and when the scum rises to the top remove it.
  • Add colour as desired and keep the syrup aside Make a thin batter of besan with three cups of water (pouring consistency) Add colour as desired.
  • Heat sufficient ghee in a kadai.
  • Hold a perforated spoon over the hot ghee, pour a little batter over it and pass the batter through it fast into the kadai to make boondis.
  • Fry for about two to three minutes.
  • Remove the boondis using a slotted spoon, drain thoroughly and put into the syrup.
  • When the boondis have absorbed all the syrup add cardamom seeds and mix gently.
  • Divide into twenty five portions and shape each into a laddoo.
  • Garnish with slivers of pistachios or almonds.
  • Cool and store.

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